Online evaluations & distance learning coaching no matter where you live!  Clinics & retreats nationwide and private lessons here in New Mexico

Private & Local Sessions can be scheduled year-round, here are the rates:

Santa Fe & El Dorado, Las Vegas, OR Corrales                  $75/hour

In-person critique and evaluation on your body awareness, independent movement, balance & mounted frame.  I would love to work alongside your current instructor &/or trainer to offer balance and body awareness exercises to directly compliment your training and riding skills.  If you do not currently have an instructor &/or trainer I am happy to meet you at your barn for a private session on your trained horse.

My travel fees can be split with a neighbor in your community!

East Mountains        1 1/2 hr. minimum +$15 travel  OR 2 hrs +no fee

Cerillos       1 1/2 hr. minimum +$10 travel  OR  2 hrs. no travel fee

Espanola  1 1/2 hr. minimum + $25 travel fee

Abiquiu  1 1/2 hr. minimum +$30 travel fee

Goal Writing Session                         $60/hr

You don’t need a blue ribbon, but you need to know that you & your horse are improving…whether you have an instructor or you are your own trainer writing measurable and attainable goals will allow you to work toward something specific.  Also, you’ll know when you attain a goal that you & your horse have improved.  Let me help you direct your riding so you can get the most out of each ride.  (in-person is best, but we can meet via phone or e-mail too)

Saddle Fit Session                        $75/hr

I’d love to go with you to check out a new saddle you’re interested in or you can e-mail me pictures of your different saddles & you sitting in them so I can give you a personal evaluation of how your saddle fits you & how you might be able to improve that fit or what specific measurements to look for in your dream saddle.  Also look for group saddle fit sessions at my clinics on my schedule page, if there isn’t one listed please request one!

I am also available to travel to you & your horse for a saddle fit to horse session, they typically last between 1.5 hours & 2, longer if you’d like me to visit the local saddle ship with you to find the best options in your price range.

Your Perfect Horse Evaluation           $60/hr or $300/full day midweek

Get out your workbook & your personalized survey.  Let’s drive together to check out this horse that you’re interested in.  We’ll have a game plan by the time we get there and plenty of time for discussion and interpretation on the drive home.  *if you haven’t attended  ‘My Perfect Horse’ seminar add 2 hours for us to create your personalized evaluation tool.*

My Perfect Horse -workbook           $45

Are you buying a new horse?  This workbook offers you a personal survey to evaluate your horse needs, a grading scale tailored to you that you can take with you when you evaluate horses to fit your needs.

My Perfect Horse -seminar              $200

See My Perfect Horse page for a full-description

Gift Certificates                  Any $ amount

You can pay with credit card through Paypal to my e-mail address: or send me a check!  E-mail me for my mailing address & so I know to keep an eye out for your payment.

Online Evaluations & Distance Learning Coaching:

This is a GREAT way to make sure you are being helped on your BEST day!  No need to cancel due to weather, or throw out a lesson because you or your horse was ‘off’ that day.  Send me video of you doing what you need help on the most!  Static video is usually the best (no need for a camera man to be zooming in & out or following you around the ring) just set the camera on the fencepost & let it roll!  Here is an example of an evaluation I did for Mallory.

I will watch your video through at least 3 times (often more), and give you written feedback via e-mail, complete with timestamps so you can review your video & see what I see.  Evaluation notes include recommended exercises to enable you & your horse to ride more comfortably & progress to the next level in your horsemanship!  Here is a link to see a video & my printed evaluation of it to give you an idea of what you get for your money!

10 min video        $40

1/2 hour  (can be broken up into 2 or 3 different sessions)    $100


Christina is available for clinics world-wide.  Rates are just $1,000/day for Saturday’s & Sundays, $800/day for weekdays.  For clinics out of state or country I also charge for my travel fees (plane ticket &/or fuel costs, and travel time), meals & lodging.

Number of participants is dependent on the size of your host facility, if you are hosting it is your choice to have a private clinic for just you, you & a close friend or two OR the entire state!  The more people the lower the advertised clinic cost needs to be, but the more you stand to make.  I will advertise here on my website as well as on my active Facebook page, all other advertising is up to you.  Horsemanship on the Trail and Yoga & Riding Retreats are limited to 10 participants & their horses.

Clinic topics include:

  • Riding more comfortably       (considered an intro to Buckaroo Balance philosophy)
  • Fear vs. Apprehension      (can be done all ground work, but is typically 1/2 mounted)
  • Extension & Collection, using your body to enable your horse
  • Horsemanship on the trail     (limited to 10 participants)
  • Yoga & Riding, bringing symmetry to your ride, breath work, realizing the emotion   This clinic is best as a 5 day retreat and is limited to 10 participants & their mounts.  I also like to team with a local yoga instructor to bring a dichotomy of parallel instruction to the philosophy of too much, too little & constant balance between you & your horse.