My Perfect Horse Classes

Are you buying a horse?  Is it your first horse?  Or maybe your needs have changed and you’re not sure what you’re looking for in your next mount.  Possibly you’ve owned a horse that just wasn’t a perfect fit for you, and you don’t need that hassle again.  This 4 hour seminar is about how to find your perfect horse & how to know when you’ve found it!

The My Perfect Horse seminar offers you a chance to survey yourself about your horse needs.  Together we combine this information with the attributes you want in your perfect horse and create a grading scale tailored specifically to you.  This numeric scale is just one of the evaluation tools you will have by the end of this seminar, including specific questions to ask, a basic knowledge of equine confirmation, and specific ‘tests’ for your potential equine.  Shop & Buy prepared for Your Perfect Horse!

My Perfect Horse class gave me the tools and confidence to purchase my first horse. I know I would not have waited to find the “right” horse if it was not for this class.  Instead of looking for the least expensive or the prettiest horse, the class taught me to determine what I really needed in a horse and this helped me focus my search.  The set of materials that were provided were invaluable when the time came to interview horse sellers.  Having a detailed list of questions to ask saved a lot of time by eliminating several horses even before viewing them.  Now I am the very proud owner of a wonderful horse that is absolutely right for me. Thank you Christina!”  -Diane Morgan, My Perfect Horse graduate

If you live in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, New Mexico I will come to you equipped with workbooks for you and 4 of your friends for $200.  I am also willing to try to recruit more participants to reduce your cost.  If you’d like to offer the class to a larger group or you’re outside of my local area please contact me for custom prices.